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Lance Pekus, the cowboy who lives Salmon, was the last competitor in the “American Ninja Warrior” stage 1 finals show Monday night.

He finished with the fastest time — so he advances to stage 2 of the finals on Sept. 18 — but that’s not the only reason fans were in tears. Pekus and his wife, Heather, spoke publicly about why she and their kids were watching him from Idaho.

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The Honeymoon Fire is on the Middle Fork Ranger District in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, located west of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. 

The lightning caused Honeymoon Fire is estimated at approximately 1,597 acres, and is burning in grass and heavy timber. Yesterday, the fire was most active to the east and is on now burning on the west side of upper Blue Moon Creek. The fire is located approximately one mile northwest of Sulphur Creek Ranch in steep, inaccessible terrain. The fire is being allowed to play, as nearly as possible, its natural ecological role in the environment while providing for firefighter and public safety. 

Firefighters are implementing a point protection strategy on the Honeymoon Fire. A point protection strategy is a wildfire response strategy, which protects specific assets or highly valued resources from the wildfire without directly halting the continued spread of the wildfire which takes in to account exposure to firefighters, values at risk, impacts to area user groups, and in the case of the Honeymoon Fire, wilderness values. The selected point protection strategy was determined to best balance for protection of values and firefighter safety.

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Idaho Safewise-Safest Cities has ranked Salmon among the top ten safest cities in the state.

The ranking is based on cites in Idaho that reported fewer than ten crimes per 1,000 people during the last year. A statistic of ten crimes per 1,000 people is 50 percent less than the Idaho average and it’s 70 percent less than the national average. ‘Violent’ and ‘Property’ are the two categories of crime considered in the community safety rankings. Violent crimes are listed as aggravated assault, murder, rape or robbery. Property crimes are identified as burglary, arson, larceny/theft or motor vehicle theft.

Based on the lack of crime numbers, Salmon came in as the 5th safest place to live in Idaho.

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THURSDAY FIRE REPORT September 7, 2017 

Challis, Idaho: 

Yesterday’s fire activity was most prevalent in upper portions of Tenmile Creek and into east Mayfield Creek. The Fire continues to burn in the Yankee Fork Meadows area. Today’s objectives are to continue preparation work along the Custer Motorway (FS Road # 070), monitor the fire with lookouts throughout the fire area, and develop contingency plans if the fire crosses the Motorway. Active fire and smoke may be visible from the Custer Motorway. A large portion of the 2015 Elevenmile Fire is currently between the Motorway and the Ibex Fire, providing low risk for forest visitors in the area at this time. Currently, the Motorway is open. If traveling in the area, be prepared for dusty road conditions and traffic associated with the fire and other forest visitors. 

An infrared (IR) flight on September 6 estimated fire size at 16,930 acres.

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BOISE - It was an exciting and emotional night for Cowboy Ninja Lance Pekus and his fans.

The Idaho cowboy had the fastest time Monday night on “American Ninja Warrior,” advancing him to the next stage of the finals. But the "Cowboy Ninja" also revealed to America there is more than one hero in his family.

You would have never known it when watching him compete on national TV that with every grueling obstacle he manages to run through, climb over or hang from, back at home in Salmon, Idaho -- his wife Heather is battling her own competition.

"In our early 20s, Heather got diagnosed with MS,” said Lance Pekus. “She was able to get on medication and she went eight or nine years without having symptoms or problems.”

Watch Lance's run...

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People should be prepared for the worst when it comes to the earthquake swarm that’s been shaking Southeast Idaho since Saturday evening.

But experts say chances are the worst won’t happen.

Still, the most alarming scenario is that the earthquake swarm will end with a very destructive 7.0 magnitude earthquake capable of destroying buildings and killing people.

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The Lemhi County Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) program has been in effect since first established in 1992 with the help of Lemhi County Ag Extension Office Agent Shannon Williams. The CWMA is a partnership comprised of private, federal and state entities in an effort to control weeds within its logical geographical boundaries based on similar land types, use patterns and problem weed species. It is not limited to county lines. 

At the August 28 meeting of the Lemhi County Commissioners Monte Bruhn, owner of the Salmon River Spray and Ag Company, showed a power point presentation of what in his opinion isn’t working about the CWMA program. 

Jeremey Varley has been the county’s Weed Management Supervisor since 2013. He saw Bruhn’s presentation and his reaction was, “Monte didn’t do his homework.” Varley said he feels the need to clear up several points of misinformation. He prefaced his remarks by saying he was speaking only as the former Weed Management Supervisor, not for the county or the state.

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