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The series of sawhorses running parallel to State Highway 28 next to City Park were placed there to prevent drivers from peeling off the highway onto the frontage apron and heading for the park entrance at highway speed. .

Alternative barriers were discussed by the Salmon City Council during its June 21 meeting.

Councilman Jim Bockelman said the goal is to try and control traffic and traffic speed. He said the state wants to limit apron access by using posts planted at intervals along the highway. The posts would be spaced so that there would still be parking opportunities. Councilman Rob Jackson said he would rather see a fence erected along the highway. Council President Jim Baker said the ultimate solution would be curb and gutter all the way to the Sacajawea Center. Second to that he would prefer a fence. Councilmen Ken Hill would like to see a fence along with posts to prevent four-wheelers from using the bicycle path and Bockelman said he would rather see a guard rail or curb and gutter.

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A discussion item listed on the June 21 agenda of the Salmon City Council meeting was “Kid’s Creek Action Plan.” It was not specifically about the Kids Creek which flows through town, it was about what is feeding that creek and according to Council President Jim Baker the main source comes from the drainage ditch, better known as “Borrow Pit,” along US Highway 93 South. 

He told fellow council members he has driven south and found agricultural irrigation water from fields overflowing into the ditch as well as water from ditch companies located along the route. Baker said that in essence there is a four mile long ditch delivering water to Kids Creek and ultimately the city takes the brunt of the excess. . He said recent rain storms have been a reminder that there is the potential for a lot of water and he would like to know who is using the highway borrow pit for run off. He said the fact there is no diversion or relief ditch, for the water that flows north to the city, has never been addressed and he would like to see an engineering study done on that area.

Councilman Rob Jackson suggested the state be asked to look into the problem.

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In answer to resident questions about this year’s “Spray Days” County Weed Manager Jeremey Varley told the Lemhi County Commissioners, there won’t be any.

At the Monday June 26 meeting of the commissioners he said that as it stands now no spray days are scheduled, only Work Days which concentrate on specifically targeted noxious weed species. Varley told the board the Weed Department is picking one species of concern in specific areas and everyone in that area is welcome to participate in the work day.

He said many areas of work belong to absentee owners, and the county ordinance requiring property owners to eliminate any noxious weeds on their land, will be enforced. If the county has to do it the property owner will be billed for the work. Varley said that over the years local property owners have come to expect the county to supply the spray free of charge as well as to do the work.

As to why the Spray Days program was eliminated by the state it is because it was abused.

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The weather is predicted to be hot and dry throughout the holiday weekend in both the Salmon-Challis and Caribou-Targhee national forests. Fires can start quickly and will burn vegetation that appears green but is drying out, a Salmon-Challis National Forest news release said.

The Salmon-Challis National Forest news release reported that visitors should stay on designated routes and avoid closed trails and roads once they reach the forest.

Many areas in the national forests do not have cellphone service. Visitors should come in groups of at least two to three people, and tell someone where they are going, Pence said.

Motor Vehicle Use maps are available at local National Forest Ranger District offices. Maps for the Caribou-Targhee National Forest can be downloaded at bit.ly/2tlkdHq, and maps for the Salmon-Challis National Forest can be downloaded at bit.ly/2mvums.

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Tiny homes pop up in Lava Hot Springs.

LAVA HOT SPRINGS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The town of Lava Hot Springs has some new additions - five tiny homes. The homes are owned by "Aura Soma Lava" and took the place of its RV rental spots.They are park model homes. From the outside the new tiny homes may look tiny. At 366 square feet, there's a lot more room on the inside than you might think. There's enough room for a couch, a t.v., kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom. Each one is fully furnished with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a closet, desk, table, even pots and pans. Each one of these homes has a very personal touch added to it. Owner Evelee Rush's husband Bob, who passed away a few years ago, traveled around the world taking photographs. His photographs make up the themes for each of the homes.

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To all my friends and the community of Lemhi County,
My dad and I are under contract to purchase this wonderful historic building in the heart of Salmon. We hope to bring back all the space in the building to be used by the community and hope a place all of you want to visit frequently. We are looking to push grocery and retail store fronts on the downstairs, a group of offices upstairs and a dance hall venue for live music events on the old dance floor. I will begin to update this site more as well as get our website established so you can all keep track of our progress. The tin ceiling will be coming back for sure. The upstairs windows reopened as well. If anyone is looking for retail or office space please contact myself at fred.e.rick (at) Icloud.com or message on Facebook.

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The Salmon Challis National Forest has awarded a contract to complete the Corn Creek Ramp Improvement Project during the fall of 2017 with a proposed starting date of August 20. Work priorities associated with this project include parking lot improvements, ramp extensions and widening of a portion of the top of the boat ramp. 

During the project period, the Corn Creek Boat Ramp and Campground area will become a construction site and will be closed to the public.

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BOISE, ID - Idaho’s population is aging faster than the nation’s. That is according to estimates recently released by the Census Bureau. Idaho seniors – people age 65 and older - increased by 30% from mid-2010 to mid-2016 compared with 22% for the nation. This group, which includes the oldest four years of the baby boom generation (born between 1946 and 1964), accounts for 15% of the state’s population...

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"oods will always remember landing as part of a wildland firefighting crew in the tiny town of Salmon, Idaho, set to battle a blazing wildfire. The townspeople came out to meet them with posters and thank you notes and overflowing appreciation for what they’d come to do. Or, for a more peaceful moment, he’ll think of the time he and his family lived on Cumberland Island, an undeveloped piece of land off the Georgia coast, reachable only by boat. “In some ways living right in the parks has been just a magical thing, almost,” he said. " ...
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