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Fire resources across the Forest have recently responded to six new fires. 

July 4th, the Mowitch Fire (three acres, lightning caused) was reported on the Middle Fork Ranger District near Indian Creek. 

July 5th, the Cliff Fire (0.1 acres), started by an ATV which had caught on fire, on the Lost River Ranger District on Mine Hill and the Jesse Fire (one acre, lightning caused) on the Salmon-Cobalt Ranger District between Jesse and Pollard Creeks. 

July 6th, the Ajax Fire (0.5 acre, lightning caused) on the North Fork Ranger District, near Ajax Peak. 

The Ajax, Jesse, Cliff, and Mowitch Fires are all out. 

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The Salmon City Council has tentatively approved the city’s proposed 2017-18 budget and a public hearing on that budget will be conducted at the July 19 City Council meeting.

City Finance Director Amy Fealko gave the council a brief overview of the tentative budget at its July 5 meeting. She said the budget total for next year is $4,952,237 which included a significant increase due to the council-approved sewer lift station upgrade. Engineering fees for the project will be $185,135 and actual construction costs will be around $1 million bringing the total to $1,185,135. Fealko said that as a result the sewer utility fund increased from this fiscal year’s $702,000 to almost $1.9 million.

She said estimated revenues will be $4,952,237. A summary of all state revenue funds shows funds have shifted somewhat since previous council budget meetings however, Fealko explained the overall total did not change.

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Family and friends continue to search for DeOrr Kunz Jr. after he has been missing for the last two years.

KPVI traveled to Timbercreek Campground on Saturday where DeOrr was last seen on a camping trip with his family two years ago.

KPVI talked to DeOrr’s family and the Lemhi County Sheriff to find out where the case stands today.

Timbercreek Campground is blooming with colorful flowers and the sound of the running stream nearby, almost exactly the way it looked two years ago when little DeOrr Kunz Jr. came up missing while camping with his family.

Friends and family gathered at the campground to continue their search for little DeOrr.  They say they remember it just like it was yesterday, but two years later, still no answers.

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The Adventure Crew Festival is the first music festival hosted at Lost Trail Powder Mountain. The festival combines a lineup of popular Missoula-based bands with a general outdoorsy attitude and a stewardship message. The festival’s organizers plan to donate 10 percent of the proceeds of the festival to one of three hand-picked local organizations.

One of those organizations is the Salmon Valley Stewardship. The Salmon Valley Stewardship and the O’Hara Commons and Sustainability Center shared a tent and a message near the main stage Saturday afternoon.

The two organizations have partnered together to connect the people who live along the highway 93 corridor between Salmon, Idaho and Missoula, Montana.

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RIGGINS, ID - LOWER SALMON - The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office today received a report of a person finding a medical item belonging to a missing Boise man.  According to a press release, the item was located yesterday approximately five miles north of Riggins on the bank of the Salmon River. The family of 54-year-old John “Randy” French confirmed the item belongs to him.

"The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office is now focusing search efforts in the area between the Lake Creek Bridge (MP 6 Salmon River Rd.) and Fiddle Creek (Hwy 95 MP 200.5)," officials say.

Many family and friends of French have responded to the area to assist in the search and are hopeful he will be located soon.

French, who was driving a 2004 maroon Chevrolet Avalanche pickup, left Boise on June 29th to go fishing in the Riggins area and was due home on July 1st.  The last place he was known to have been seen was in the Salmon Rapids Lodge Parking lot on the 29th.

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High pressure is going to be directly over the northern Rockies through the weekend, meaning dangerously hot days and relatively warm nights across western Montana. Daytime highs will be in the 90s to around 100 degrees!

Fire weather concerns: The hot temperatures will continue to dry fuels around western Montana. An increase is fire danger is possible. From time to time, in the afternoons and evenings, there will be a slight chance of an isolated shower or thundershower. The best chance will be across southwest Montana around the Butte and Dillon areas southwest to Salmon, Idaho. Little rain is expected.

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RIGGINS — Idaho County Sheriff’s Office requests the public’s assistance in finding a Boise man who never returned from a fishing trip. John “Randy” French, 54, of Boise left June 29 for a fishing trip in the Riggins area. He was due home July 1 but never arrived, according to a news release. The release states the last place he was known to be was in the Salmon Rapids Lodge parking lot in Riggins on the night of June 29. French is driving a Maroon 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche pickup with Idaho license plate 9435D, a specialty salmon plate.
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Two people were issued felony citations for criminal endangerment and driving under the influence in Ravalli County during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. According to court documents, at 11:30 a.m. July 3, Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Ryan Janes responded to a single-vehicle crash on Highway 93 near Chief Looking Glass Road. Witnesses reported that a vehicle driven by Susan Ann Gifford, 54, of Salmon, Idaho, drove through a stop sign — literally — and also a street sign, knocking down both of them. Her vehicle eventually came to rest on nearby railroad tracks. When the trooper spoke with Gifford, he allegedly noticed her fidgeting, with erratic and jerky movements. He also noticed that she was talkative with exaggerated reflexes, and was repeatedly grinding her teeth. Janes suspected Gifford was under the influence of stimulants. Gifford later told Hamilton Police Sgt. Bob Liercke that she was on day three of a “meth-bender.” Along with the criminal endangerment and DUI charges, Gifford was cited for careless driving, no insurance and failing to wear a seatbelt. Her bond is set at $10,000 and she’s required to wear a patch that detects drug use.
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