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Note from LemhiWeb: As the annual bird counts continue all over the U.S., you might enjoy this article about a new Salmon resident:
"Jim Foster had always hunted. The wilderness was his sanctuary. But he found his passion in another kind of shooting -- taking pictures -- with birds as his canvas." Click here to read the article. " "" " Clic   
hi County Extension Office and Lemhi County Cattle and Horse Growers Association have teamed up to bring the everyone the Annual Cattlemen’s Winter School beginning on January 3. There will be six weeks of classes held on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. at the Elks Lodge. All classes are free and open to the public.

Extended unemployment benefits will end for 1,500 jobless Idaho workers on Jan. 7 and nearly 12,000 more will see benefits terminated over the next six months.

Congress has been unable to agree on a plan to continue extended benefits into 2012 as President Obama has proposed. Without a congressional agreement on the extensions, which have been in effect in some form for 3½ years, none of the 17,000 Idaho workers currently receiving regular unemployment benefits will be eligible for extended, federally funded benefits if they exhaust their state benefits after Dec. 24.


About 45 percent of all unemployment claimants are exhausting their regular state benefits of 10 to 26 weeks without finding work. The exhaustion rate was 53 percent a year ago when the state unemployment rate stood at a record 9.7 percent. It dropped to 8.5 percent this November.


For the 1,500 unemployed workers in the last phase of the federal extensions, their benefits will cease on Jan. 7, and for the nearly 12,000 workers in the earlier phases of the federal extensions, they will be allowed to complete the extension phase they are currently in but not advance to the next phase. That means about 300 workers a week will lose extended benefits through mid-June with one-time terminations of around 2,000 in mid-February, mid-April and mid-June.


“Our local offices have intensified their efforts to reach out to claimants who are losing their extended benefits to help them find work,” Deputy Idaho Department of Labor Director of Field Services Roy Valdez said.

Local Option Tax Commission Chairman Jim Bockelman reported to the Salmon City Council December7 that at the end of LOT’s fiscal year $17,486 was carried forward from the previous fiscal lyear. October revenue was $7,120 which was $181 less than in October of 2010. Expenses for October of this year were $892 which included an expenditure of $550 for the LOT policy manual, $42 for the web site and $300 for previously approved banners. Total funds available at the end of October amounted to $23,715. 

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The Lemhi County Commissioners were presented with many Bureau of Land Management (BLM) project reports November 28 during the Bi-annual meeting between the county and local agency personnel. ....Fisheries Biologist Jude Trapani of the BLM Fisheries Program reported on settlement stipulations involved in the Western Watersheds Project litigation aimed at blocking the agency from making changes to BLM grazing allotment regulations. 

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