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Knitting is making a wonderful come-back in the Unites States, particularly among young people. Many college students are finding this ancient art to be both creative and good therapy! And no wonder, working on a knitting project is the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the rhythmic movement of the needles, wonderful feel of soft fiber in your fingers, and a non-hurried occupation. It is no wonder that women have used knitting as a pleasant past time for years.

But knitting is not just for women any more! Men have recently found this ancient craft to also be the answer to their relaxation and creativity needs. It's much better than an expensive night to sit back and enjoy an hour of knitting on the couch. But don't forget to get up occasionally and exercise!

Not only is traditional knitting a great past time, but you can take it a step further back and start making your own yarn by handspinning. Then you will be making garments and presents that are entirely your own.

Get your knitting to fit:

One of the challenges in knitting is ending up with something that fits and looks good. This page is promoting a special knitting calculation technique created by Connie Delaney of Spincraft Knitting Patterns. Connie has a distinct and easy style of knitting pattern calculations that are easy to read and follow. Using this technique you can literally use any yarn and get it to fit any size.

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This page is a link to the many interesting knitting patterns by SpinCraft Patterns. These patterns are written in a whole new style that gives the designer's math so that the creative knitter can make any pattern with any yarn, and to virtually any size. Try these patterns for a whole new enjoyment of the knitting experience.

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Please enjoy our links below to wonderful patterns and information found on the Spincraft Pattern website. Your source for knit-so-it-fits knitting patterns. Select what you are looking for from our list and you will be taken directly to that pattern or information page.

But don't forget to get up occasionally and exercise!

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Knit for health - knit for pleasure - knit for creativity

With a set of knitting needles and some yarn you can make sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, socks, poncho, afghan, baby patterns, wrist warmers, knit dolls, knit toys, and much much more!


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