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Where are you Robert Wiscombe?112/13 11:03
Hi Robert,Where are you are you okay? If any one reading this knows Robert would you please let him know I'm trying to find him just so I know that he is okay.

Christina! Wagner?111/11 18:46
Looking for "Christina" she used to live in Port Aransas Texas and has a little sister (name witheld for authentication) We have missed her for a very long time and have to try avenue to find her. We unofficially adopted her when she lived in Port A. and when we last heard from her we believe she lived in Salmon. She was married at the time to "Billy" and had one or more children they would be pre teen or tenagers by now.

Thinking of you..
The Talleys

mike love beach boys /jackpot/chicago108/6 21:53

dude shoulda left my contact info with you but..... saw your blue F150 with camper shell... did u spot my truck, with the orange balls?

Looking for my son Kalebs Grandpa105/12 11:27
I am looking for my sons grandpa he left with no word to his family and Kaleb misses his Grandpa his name is Chester Anthony Caviglia (Cheech) is what he is called we love you and miss you Cheech if any one knows him please e-mail us

looking for Dan Theriault104/27 10:42
Looking for Dan Theriault. I worked with him in the summer of 1970. He would have been in high school then.



Looking for Bud and Linda Marker204/26 18:46
I am looking for Bud and/or Linda Marker. They lived in the Salmon area (near Cobalt) in 1970. I worked with them that Summer. Anyone knowing there whereabouts please email me.

KSRA107/21 16:08
Has someone kept KSRA going? It was a pleasure to hear Dale Smith's voice (AM band) each morning, even when that voice began to falter. Is the Recorder-Herald still publishing? I worked for Noranda there in 1979 and 1980. I have heard so little over the years. What has happened with the Cobalt site and mine? I knew Cindy Hone's father when he was speaker of the Idaho State House. Gosh, I miss that town. Even the first traffic light, on Main Street, which went up while I was there. Thank you for any news.

John McDonald109/20 23:06
My dad died April 7, 2000. Not only did he die, but he took his own life. I didnt get to say goodbye, and I do not have anyone to talk to him about..His name is John McDonald.. I am just looking for someone who knew him. Someone who maybe has some kind words to say about him. I would really appreciate just a line.. so please reply to my message or just email me at I miss my dad... everyday

searching for my family107/30 20:39
Hi my name is manette and am looking for Rose Ann Abrahamson as we could be in some way related. My grandmother has been doing geneology research of our family and I had some questions regarding what she found that I would like to ask. My email address is please let me know if anyone can help. Thanx! LOVE TO ALL :) :)

Looking for Karin, etc109/4 23:38
I attended school in Salmon from 1979 to 1981. I am trying to locate Karin Marvin(Drnjevic) and Debbie Lowrey, among others. Lost touch with them about three years ago and would really like to get in touch again.
Sue C

This is the place to post questions about people.301/12 17:33
Post questions about people you are looking for, old family members and friends.

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