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- Classic, Muscle car, and Hot Rod mechanic

- What happened to Salmon Apts?

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- Salmon River Flooding and Ranches

- Informations please??

- looking for ride sometime in August

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- 1997 Church Shooting

- Lost Nintendo Ds

- need a ride from Garden Valley

- Any gamers in Lemhi County?

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Any gamers in Lemhi County?103/18 16:46
I am wondering if there are any gamers here in the area that play Magic The Gathering, D&D, Pokemon, Uh-Gi-Oh, etc. I would like to see if there are any that would be interested in getting together and playing. Or if there are any that would be interested in learning Magic and/or D&D. Please let me know. Thanks!

need a ride from Garden Valley110/17 23:59
I am taking a job in Salmon and need a ride from Garden Valley. If someone is coming through Garden Valley on Friday evening October 19th and headed to Salmon I could help with gas.
Thank you!

Lost Nintendo Ds104/23 14:01
My son lost his nintendo ds game system at the Salmon Select horse sale on Saturday. He left it sitting on a blanket between the two merchant buildings. It had a white nerf cover on it with our phone # on it. Please help a devastated child any info or return of game would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dawn 208-539-9156

1997 Church Shooting202/15 11:34
I am researching church shootings and I ran across an obscure reference to a church shooting in Salmon Idaho where someone was killed. As an Idaho resident this caught my attention. It said the incident happened in Spetember of 1997. Does anyone remember something like that happening? There are no news articles about it that I can dig up. Thanks for your help.
HUNTING109/20 16:06
Hello! I'm from California and I'm coming hunting up here for deer in October. We're going to be up here from October 8th until the next saturday...what are the chances of snow?

Blue Dome Idaho109/15 09:55
I am looking for any information regarding the old restaurant in Blue Dome Idaho. If my memory is correct it burned down several years ago. But I would like the details regarding this buisness. For example I would like to know the date and circumstance of the fire. The names of the owners and any information regarding this buisness. I would greatly appreciate any information.


looking for ride sometime in August105/30 12:31
I need a ride from Boise to Salmon, sometime this August. Will pay for gas.

Informations please??102/4 11:41
I'm writer and for my new book I seleted Salmon as a principal town. Tanks to this site I discovered a lot about Salmon, but there is no information about police departments ( or I didn't findet ) and hospitals....
I want to know as much is possible about Salmon so if you can help me send me informations please...
Mile Mylo, Croatia

What happened to Salmon Apts?206/2 22:51
While visiting Salmon this summer, I saw the old Salmon Apartments were in a state of disrepair. What is happening there? Some 25 years ago they looked good...restored.
Anyone know? Weren't they once a hospital?
Salmon River Flooding and Ranches208/27 05:22
I remember a flood on the Salmon River around 1956 early in June or late May of that year. I was about 6 years old at the time and so my memory is somewhat jumbled. I'm looking for some one who would be able to tell me more about this flood and the exact dates.
My Grandfather, William (Bill) Infanger had a ranch up the Salmon River at a place he had named Midway because it was supposed to be half way between Salmon and Challis. One interesting thing he did on that ranch was to build a water wheel which lifted buckets of water out of the river into a wooden sluice to irrigate his pasture and hay ground.
If anyone can remember some details about these events and people please contact me through this forum.
Issue Analysis212/16 10:57
At we analyze issues that affect Legislative District 35: Butte, Jefferson, Clark, Lemhi, Custer, Fremont Counties. Analysis includes finding if Representatives and Senators in the Idaho Legislature vote the way their constituents want them to vote ( Current analyis is concerned wih the Senate State Affairs Committee, where the Fair Elections Act was held in committee, last February 2 ( Democracy works best when everybody participates.
Where to look for a job110/11 12:47
Where to look for a job 1 10/11 12:45
I am new to the area and wondering where to look for a job. I would like something part time, a general type of job. Any help would be great! Thanks


Classic, Muscle car, and Hot Rod mechanic107/10 13:34
My name is Jeff. I'm looking to possibly semi retire in the Salmon area. I'm looking for owners of Classic Cars, Hot Rods, or Muscle cars, that might be in need of an experienced mechanic. I have years of experience, and would like to find anyone interested in having someone like me,that can fix, repair, or install anything. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me at Thank you!! Jeff.

Formation Capital103/23 01:46
Would like to hear any comments on the idaho cobalt project.

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