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Learning How to ASK defining questions

We set out on an unknown adventure on Monday when we started a six week program that would take students through the Design Process. We’re still unsure of our final destination, but Monday did bring some clarity to that overall goal. I tasked the students with learning how to ASK defining questions about their world. We began with a simple game of 20 questions as an ice breaker to trying to identify an object of my choosing within eyesight. With each time we played or asked, the students got better at narrowing down where or what the object was.

To refrain from being stale we moved on to a second activity I had set up in the Children’s Section. The students gazed upon what could be a crime scene. They had to use to phrases in which to identify what they saw, “I notice” or “I wonder”. From this they developed deeper investigative skills about asking defining questions. I was very impressed with the ability to observe and infer aspects of this complicated scene.... more

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