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According to a report by Finance Team Chairman Jim Bockelman the Salmon City Swimming Pool is in need of major repair to the pool’s wall surfaces.

Bockelman said that on February 8, City Finance Director Amy Fealko presented the Finance Team with a pool repair estimate of over $80,000 and said she was told that is what would be needed to get the longest term of service.

The same news was given to the full council at its February 15 meeting by Fealko and Pool Manager Judy Barkley. Fealko said another request for Local Option Tax Funding has been submitted however; even if all of LOT’s $35,000 in available monies were to be awarded to pool repair it would still not be enough and city contingency funds may have to be used. 

Barkley, last year’s pool manager, told the council the sides of the pool are falling off due to past improper chemical balances. As to a fiber glass liner she said that is suited for Florida swimming pools not for this climate. Fealko indicated if not repaired, it is a serious enough problem to prevent opening the pool this Spring. 

Fealko and Barkley both prefer the EcoPool Finish which is a pneumatically applied thermal plastic that would last the duration of the pool’s life. Barkley said from past quality and service experience with the company, she would choose the Aqua Medics Pool Service and the EcoPool product they recommend. 

Fealko said they will wait to see the LOT Commission’s decision and then ask two other companies to submit repair proposals. All information will be presented to the City Council for its determination.

In other Finance Team business Bockelman said the yearly audit is progressing and that the city has received a large tax payment which puts city tax revenues up to 60 percent of budget. With 34 percent of the fiscal year completed most departments are within their projected budgets.

Possible changes to the city’s fee schedule will be reviewed with city departments prior to the budget season process which will be arriving shortly. 

The Finance Team recommended that the subject of a cost-sharing sidewalk repair program between property owners and the city be sent on to the full council along with City Clerk Mary Benton’s research results from other similar size cities.

Bockelman said that based on its research the Finance Team determined there is enough latitude in the city’s financial system to allow department heads to do their jobs.

The next meeting of the Finance Team is set for March 8 at 1PM in the City Hall Conference Room.

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