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First of all - a big Community Thanks to Barb Miller. As a volunteer for the community she started LemhiWeb and ran it for 6 years. We are now keeping it going and have merged with the folks at Salmonidaho.com

Our local website is set up so that everyone in the community can add their own events, classified ads and articles. Local businesses can advertise and manage their listings. If we all do this regularly then LemhiWeb and Salmonidaho.com will remain a vibrant part of the local Salmon community and will serve us all well. 

There are four ways to participate:

  1. Classified ads are Free!  (instructions below). Feel free to post items for sale or rent. Use it to promote your small business. Classified ads stay fresh on our site because they run for a limited time. 
  2. Articles are Free. (instructions below) Let us know what is important to you in the community. Post interesting news about your business or organization. Keep us up to date on sales, events, and news. 
  3. Calendar events are Free! (instructions below) Post your events instantly, and for free on LemhiWeb. We also provide links to calendars at the Library, schools, Sacjawea Center and hospital. 
  4. List your business: Only $5 a month! (click here for more)

Two steps for a basic account: 

  1. Create an account.
  2. Get your account authenticated.
  • If you already have an authenticated account it retains its old permissions.
  • If you are making a new account you can go through our shopping cart and a dollar will authenticate you for life.
  • If you know the good folks at Salmonidaho.com you can ask them to authenticate your account for you. 

Add Content:
Now, when you come to the site make sure you are logged in. When you are logged in you can mouse over "My Account" in the menu and select the content type you wish to add.

  • To add to the calendar click "Event."
  • To add an article click "Article."
  • To add a classified ad click "Classified Ad"
  • Fill in all the forms on the page and click "Save" at the bottom of the page.
  • Your article or event will show immediately on the site.
  • To edit your article or event simply sign into the site, navigate to your page, and click the edit button. 

Check out these fine businesses...

Chamber Video

Double click above to see Salmon Chamber of Commerce video.

Fire maps

Links to fire maps:

* Incident Maps
* Satellite maps showing smoke
* Awesome Near-Time Satellite View Watch a slide show of cloud/smoke movements.



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