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The second reading of Ordinance 17-819 accepting the amended City of Salmon Development Code and amended Zoning Maps was passed at the February 15 meeting of the Salmon City Council

The ordinance amendments did not pass without lengthy council discussion along with several motions and votes.

The discussion revolved around the City Planning and Zoning (P&Z) recommendation to designate a ten acre parcel of land north of the Elks road as ‘industrial’ rather than the ‘commercial’ classification under which it has been known. 

The ordinance passed its first reading two weeks ago on a vote of five to one with Council President Jim Baker voting against passage. 

At the February 15 meeting the first vote on the ordinance came when Councilman Rob Jackson made a motion to pass the ordinance on its second reading and eliminate the third reading. He amended his motion to only be about suspension of the three reading rule. 

The vote to suspend the rules was a tie with Councilmen Ken Hill, Jim Bockelman and Jim Baker voting ‘no’ and Councilmen Rob Jackson, Russ Chinske and Neal James voting ‘yes.’ Mayor Leo Marshall broke the tie with a ‘no’ vote so that the ordinance would proceed through all three readings.

Jackson then made a motion to pass the second reading of ordinance 17-819. Baker amended Jackson’s motion to include passage of the ordinance with an exception for the ten acre parcel being recommended in its entirety as ‘industrial.’ He added that current zoning maps show the section of the parcel along Highway 93 North is zoned ‘industrial’ but the rest of the parcel is zoned ‘commercial.’ City Clerk Mary Benton said that when the annexation was requested in 1992 only the piece of land along the highway was annexed into the city as ‘industrial’ as per the owner’s request. Baker said the annexation split the zoning classifications. He said the upper part of the property is zoned ‘commercial.’ P&Z’s recommendation was that the whole ten acres be zoned ‘industrial.’

Jackson commented that over time the upper section of the parcel has been used for ‘industrial’ purposes and, he said to split a zoning recommendation from P&Z opens the city to a lawsuit.

Attention returned to Baker’s amendment to Jackson’s motion, which if passed would change the P&Z recommendation to one section being zoned ‘industrial’ and the other ‘commercial.’ The vote on Baker’s amendment was five to one against with Baker casting the only ‘yes’ vote.

The council then moved on to Jackson’s motion to adopt the second reading of the Development Code and Zoning Map as recommended by the P&Z. The vote was five to one in favor with Baker casting the one ‘no’ vote. 

The second reading of the Development Code and Zoning Map, which lists the entire ten acre parcel as ‘industrial,’ was passed.

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