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Much discussion by the Salmon City Council over an event fee waiver request boiled down to whether or not the function was a benefit to the community. It was determined that the proposed “Preparedness Fair,” planned for the Salmon Sacajawea Center will, in fact, be beneficial.

The event is set for June 30 through July 1 followed by a half-day cleanup day on July 2. The City Council unanimously approved waiving facility fees for the two and a half days contingent on proof of insurance and a $500 refundable deposit in the event of damages. 

The usual rate per hour for the various facility accommodations desired would have run over $800 a day which was not possible for the volunteer organization. One idea that came out of the fee waiver request discussion was establishing a different facility rental rate for multi-day events such as this one.

Sacajawea Center Director Lin Gray said that usually the only use of the facility over the Salmon River Days 4th of July weekend is family or class reunions however; none has been reserved for that purpose this year. As to facility use costs it was decided utility costs would be hard to determine.

State law requires itinerate merchants/venders to pay a fee for the right to sell merchandise. The Fair organizers said they would make sure those fees are paid. Any commercial product sales related to demonstrations by the speakers were a topic of discussion and it was explained that the Fair speakers do not charge for their expertise and if after hearing one of the safety presentations people decide to buy a displayed product, it basically repays the experts for the educational information. 

The Preparedness Fair is free to the public as are new smoke alarms and batteries for alarms already installed.

The council unanimously awarded this year’s Propane Contract for city facility services to Salmon River Propane for its low bid of $.95 per gallon and a rate of $40.00 per hour plus parts for any required repairs.

The second bid was from Valley Wide Cooperative and listed a cost of $1.159 per gallon and a $40.00 per hour repair rate.

The city uses propane for the Water Treatment Plant, Swimming Pool, City Shop and the Salmon Valley Business and Innovation Center. The contract commences May 1 and concludes on April 30, 2018.

The council unanimously adopted Resolution 2017-2 which refers to rules regarding public comments and public hearing guidelines. The topic has been discussed at previous council meetings and the wording was reviewed by the City Attorney.

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