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A short fishing season for Chinook salmon starting later this month on the Upper Salmon River above Challis and ways to slow winter elk depredation on local ranchers’ haystacks dominated discussion between Custer County Commissioners and the Department of Fish and Game’s Salmon Region supervisor earlier this week.
Although the run is not strong, local anglers will be able to catch some hatchery-raised Chinook salmon on a stretch of the Salmon River between Challis Bridge south of town and the Sawtooth Hatchery above Stanley, Tom Curet told Commissioners Wayne Butts, Steve Smith and Randy Corgatelli at their regular meeting Monday afternoon, June 12.
Hatchery-raised fish can be distinguished from their wild cousins because they have no fatty adipose fin in between the dorsal and tailfins as wild fish do.
Anglers will be able to catch up to four hatchery-raised Chinook salmon per day starting Thursday, June 22. The season will be open Thursdays through Sundays weekly and will close after objectives are met, which is expected to be 1,000 hatchery-raised adults and 1,000 hatchery-raised jacks between the Clearwater, Little Salmon and Salmon rivers.
Curet expects the local salmon season to last only until the first week of August.
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