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Sacajawea Center Director Lin Gray informed the October 18 meeting of the Salmon City Council that the Governor’s Lewis and Clark Trail Committee has approved a very significant grant for the facility.

She said she has been informally informed, by way of email, that the committee has approved a fully funded grant to replace the facility’s aging fishing weir, brush lodges and tipis. In partnership with the Shone-Bannock Tribes, Gray applied to the committee for a $9,675 grant to rebuild the replications. Tribal students will do the rebuilding.

Gray told the council that because she will be out of town, she hoped the council would approve acceptance of the grant so she can notify the tribe before she leaves. Councilman Rob Jackson said he would like to see the official letter before approving the grant’s acceptance. Gray said her concern is that in her absence the council won’t approve the acceptance and she wouldn’t know why or be able to defend the grant. Jackson said if she is worried the grant wouldn’t be accepted without her being present he would say he doesn’t want to accept it without seeing it.

The council’s concern from past experience is the amount of matching funds attached to any grant. Gray said there is a match to this one but it is a match of over 3,000 hours of her planning time, not a match of dollars.

At the suggestion of Council President Jim Baker, Jackson made a motion to accept the grant contingent on receipt of official notification. Jackson made a motion to accept the $9,675 grant contingent on there being no difference in what has been presented to the council and what is in the letter of official notification. The motion passed unanimously.

Gray then asked the council to renew a Senior Community Service Employment Program Host Agency Agreement for the Sacajawea Center. Gray said the part time assistance she has had from a local senior has been a great help. Councilman Neal James made a motion to renew the agreement and the motion passed unanimously. 

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