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The long awaited opportunity to sell purchased but no longer needed cemetery burial plots back to the city is now available due to passage of the Conveyance of Cemetery Plots Ordinance adopted at the Salmon City Council’s September 20 meeting. Due to the months of discussion preceding the vote, the three -reading rule applied to ordinances was waived and the ordinance was passed on its first reading.

Details of a transaction under Ordinance 17-826 include; the seller being able to establish proof of ownership and executing a deed giving rights to burial back to the city. The amount to be paid to the seller is set by Resolution 2017-5 which was also passed by the council.

The minimum amount paid for a right to burial plot will be $200 or a maximum of the amount paid at the time of the purchase, whichever is greater. The city has the right to negotiate on a case by case basis and the buyback amount shall not include recording and maintenance fees.

Each year the city will budget a certain amount of money dedicated to the Buy-Back policy. When that amount is exhausted patrons will have to wait until the next city budget year to sell.

Resolution 2017-6 deals with’ how-to’ procedures for submission of Record of Survey plats. The resolution states the records first go to the County Assessor then to the Planning and Zoning Administrator’s Office which will record the records with the Lemhi County Clerk’s Office. Legal descriptions and deeds must be recorded together in sequence with the plat. 

The council passed the resolution unanimously.

Ordinance 17-827 deals with sidewalk use regulations in the central business district of Salmon and will now contain what is and isn’t allowed on the pathway to the park. According to the added regulations it shall be unlawful for motorized vehicles to drive on or be parked on the pathway along Highway 28 between Lemhi Street and Salmon City Park unless they are exiting or entering a driveway. The ordinance does not apply to needed motorized or propelled wheelchairs, baby carriages, child wagons, walkers, strollers or equipment being used to remove snow or other debris. 

The addition to the ordinance will require three readings. The council unanimously passed the first reading.

When it came time for the third reading of Ordinance 17-824 regarding the Mt. View Estates annexation requested by Gary Beers, City Clerk Mary Benton told the council that reference to a subdivision Beers plans to build has been removed from the ordinance. She said that by law an annexation has to take place before the subdivision can be considered. 

The council unanimously passed the third reading and approved the requested annexation. The next step for Beers is to submit subdivision plats and legal boundaries for council consideration.

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