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The decking for the new Island Park Bridge arrived in Salmon on November 15th around 4PM and was in place on the 16th.

City Community Development Coordinator Mary Cerise told the November 16 meeting of the Salmon City Council that the decking was a perfect fit. She said one deck material did not arrive (the corrugated back wall) so a local solution to the problem was found. Cerise complimented Brett Baird of the project’s concrete crew. She said Baird’s excellent concrete work is the reason the deck fit so perfectly. Her thanks also went to project contractor Doug Westfall for what she called his “service to the community.” 

The bridge’s guard rail has arrived and will be installed as soon as equipment can traverse the new deck. She added that the deck and under girders are all in place and bolted.

The original bridge plans call for an asphalt surface on the deck. Cerise said due to the time of year the recommendation is that for now, the corrugated sub surface be filled with road base (crushed gravel) which will accept a layer of hot mix asphalt in the Spring. The City Council unanimously passed a motion to that effect.

As to when people will be able to drive across the long-awaited new bridge Cerise said it could be as soon as two weeks however; there is still work to do on the approach ramp. 

Changing the subject to the recently completed City of Salmon Transportation Plan, Cerise said she has added changes suggested at the last meeting which included replacement of a Kids Creek culvert and work on the vital underwater line which delivers water to the Bar Hill area. According to Cerise the water line repairs were not added to the present bridge building project because that work was considered to be “out of scope” for the previously approved permits. She does not think obtaining a permit for the water line work will be too difficult. The permitting agency would be the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Cerise asked the council for any additional comments or changes to the Transportation Plan so she can add them and present the council with a completed draft plan.

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