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Fred McDonald has been named as the Lemhi County Volunteer of the Year for 2017. 

In presenting a plaque with the county’s thanks and appreciation Commissioner Chairman Brett Barsalou confirmed that McDonald has served as a volunteer member of the Airport Board for 23 years and that he still doesn’t have a plane.

The award during the February 12 meeting of the Lemhi County Commissioners came as a complete surprise to McDonald who thought he had been summoned to give an Airport Board status report, which he had done before the unexpected announcement. He asked his wife Beth if she had known about the plot and was told she was the one who aided and abetted the ruse. She had told him the reason for the meeting was to discuss the airport web cams. Members of the eight member advisory board were also in attendance to see the award presented and had also managed to keep it a secret.

McDonald said that sometimes the role gets aggravating but he is really proud of the airport that has grown to be a multi-million dollar facility without any help from local tax dollars.

Barsalou said, “You represent all our county boards and all our county volunteers and we appreciate everybody’s services. We really mean that and that’s why we got you up here today.

In addition to McDonald, volunteer members of the Airport Board are Chairman Richard Natelson, Treasurer Don Jakovac, Secretary Nathan Bills, Bob Deurloo, Jim Crawford, David Weston and Dean China.

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