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The Salmon City Council has voted to approve a joint city/county Interagency Agreement in its entirety along with additions discussed and approved at the council’s November 16 meeting.

The joint agreement involves a city/county commitment to work together on the goal of building a second bridge across the Salmon River. 

The city’s additions to the draft agreement address including plans and funding for the bridge access routes on both sides of the river and a joint effort to pursue and obtain funding needed for a feasibility study. The study would determine the bridge’s location as well as locate monies to fund the required National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process. City Attorney Fred Snook recommended draft document page and paragraph numbers be included to pinpoint exactly where the written additions are intended.

New County Road and Bridge Supervisor Chris Fredrickson was in attendance at the council meeting and agreed the issues being brought up were valid ones.

The vote on a motion to pass the city/county Interagency Agreement, plus council recommended additions, was five to one in favor with Councilman Russ Chinske casting the ‘no’ vote.

The agreement and council additions will be sent to the Lemhi County Board of Commissioners for its review.

The alternate bridge crossing was a topic of the evening’s public comment opportunity. Robin Phillips worried that the proposed cost share of 70 percent county and 30 percent city was too expensive for city residents and she hoped that will be made more reasonable. Her other major concern was that downtown businesses not be adversely affected. She said a bypass would kill the downtown area. On a brighter note Phillips thanked the city for its participation in the wood stove change-out program. She said the $1,000 check for her old stove and participation in the program was greatly appreciated and that she is amazed at the difference an energy efficient wood stove makes both inside and outside the house. She has checked the chimney emissions and almost no smoke is visible. She said she hopes the program will be continued next year.

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