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IDAHO STATESMAN - Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of camping season in Idaho. The national forests in our area have started releasing lists of what will be open and closed for the holiday weekend. Here’s what we know so far — and more will be added as the information becomes available. The information was provided by the agency listed...

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FROM THE IDAHO STATESMAN - Idaho’s salmon run this year is beginning to look bleak. Oregon and Washington officials shut down fishing season on the lower Columbia River earlier this month because so few spring chinook heading for spawning grounds in Idaho and other Snake River tributaries had shown up at the Bonneville Dam near Portland. Idaho’s Fish and Game Commission took a wait-and-see stand Wednesday on whether to close fishing season, because fewer than 400 salmon had made it to Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River in Washington, the last of the eight dams between the Pacific Ocean and Idaho. For the past decade, nearly 30,000 spring chinook had returned on average by now.

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AA LEWISTON, ID — Right now, three women and six horses are making their way across the state. Their ride for awareness began a month and over 400 miles ago. KLEW News Reporter Shannon Moudy caught up with these horsewomen when they stopped in Lewiston. Shannon, they say they’re just now beginning the tough part of the trek? They’ve made it through getting stuck on a beach in Oregon, riding along the highway next to speeding semis, but as they enter the wilderness, it’s their ‘Ride for Redd’ that keeps these women going.
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SEATTLE (AP) — Washington state lost a major legal battle Friday, which could force it spend nearly $2 billion to restore salmon habitat by removing barriers that block fish migration. A panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last year affirmed a lower court's 2013 ruling ordering the state to fix or replace hundreds of culverts — large pipes that allow streams to pass beneath roads but block migrating salmon. Idaho and Montana joined Washington state in asking the appeals court to reconsider the case. The court declined to do so Friday, but several judges dissented from that decision, saying it should be reconsidered because of its significance...
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It should come as no surprise that this year’s whitewater season will be one for the record books. Our snowpack is as high as it has been for years. Right now our rivers are starting to let loose with the spring flush, and I think we still haven’t seen the peak. We haven’t seen this kind of high water in at least 20 years. I used to like kayaking high water. Since turning 50, I’ve dialed it back a little and since turning 60 I just plain don’t kayak high water anymore....
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