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Monsoon moisture will advance northward by Thursday afternoon, a larger portion of western Montana will have a chance of dry lightning with little rain.

A few showers and thunderstorms are possible through Wednesday evening from Salmon, Idaho eastward to the Butte and Bozeman areas.  By Thursday evening there will be a chance as far north and west as Missoula and even a slight chance as far north as Kalispell.

Most of the rain will evaporate before reaching the ground, except under the strongest storms.  The best chance of rain reaching the ground will be along the border south of Butte and Bozeman.  

Otherwise, with fire danger very high to extreme, big concerns exist for lightning sparked fires along with gusty winds and very dry air.

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The work crew started on Wednesday. Here are a few photos to show that the crew is "raising the roof" for sure. The tin appears in wonderful condition.

We hope to bring back all the space in the building to be used by the community and hope a place all of you want to visit frequently. We are looking to push grocery and retail store fronts on the downstairs, a group of offices upstairs and a dance hall venue for live music events on the old dance floor. I will begin to update this site more as well as get our website established so you can all keep track of our progress. The tin ceiling will be coming back for sure. The upstairs windows reopened as well. If anyone is looking for retail or office space please contact myself at fred.e.rick@Icloud.com or message me on here. I hope that you all will enjoy what is coming to Salmon down the road. 
Very respectfully,
Frederick Snook


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Lance Pekus may be the best athlete you’ve never heard of.

But the strapping, young Idaho cowboy, who runs cattle at his father-in-law’s ranch in Salmon and works seasonally for the U.S. Forest Service, is making a name for himself on the TV sports competition “American Ninja Warrior.”

Now in his sixth season on the show, Pekus is known as the “Cowboy Ninja.” His sexy signature look highlights his brawny physique: Shirtless, jeans and black cowboy hat. His Twitter bio says he’s “powered by beef.”

The TV competition is a spinoff of the Japanese show Sasuke. Competitors try to get through a series of complex obstacles with names like Salmon Ladder and Warped Wall that require tremendous strength, agility, balance and timing.

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We have received several inquiries recently asking, " Does the Salmon Marathon benefit a charitable cause?".

ABSOLUTELY. All proceeds benefit the participants and horses of the local non-profit Whitewater Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Association, a Premier Accredited Therapeutic Riding Center, serving in Salmon for 23 years. There are no paid marathon staff members. Whitewater is also supported by volunteer staff. Your legs, heart and effort in this race makes a difference for others and you will have a wonderful experience.

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Salmonidaho.com has links to great maps of fires and also to an interactive Eclipse map. 

Come to the site any time and you'll find the block with the links on the right side of the page (scroll down with a phone and it's under the articles). The fire maps show all current incidents, and there are also great daily satellite shots so people can track the smoke.

The Interactive Eclipse map will zoom in and around so you can pick the best local spots to view the eclipse. 

SALMON, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Firefighting crews are battling the "Dump" fire in the Dump Creek drainage about 3 miles from North Fork south of the Salmon River.  The Salmon-Challis National Forest discovered the fire at about 2 p.m. Monday.
The forest responded with a medium helicopter for water drops, 4 heli-rappellers, and a 10-person hand crew.  The fire is burning on the lower third of the slope in heavy grass, brush, and scattered timber.  The cause of the fire was not reported.
As of Monday, it was estimated at 3 acres with 14 firefighters.  There was zero containment, although fire crews expected to contain the fire Tuesday.
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