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Idaho Safewise-Safest Cities has ranked Salmon among the top ten safest cities in the state.

The ranking is based on cites in Idaho that reported fewer than ten crimes per 1,000 people during the last year. A statistic of ten crimes per 1,000 people is 50 percent less than the Idaho average and it’s 70 percent less than the national average. ‘Violent’ and ‘Property’ are the two categories of crime considered in the community safety rankings. Violent crimes are listed as aggravated assault, murder, rape or robbery. Property crimes are identified as burglary, arson, larceny/theft or motor vehicle theft.

Based on the lack of crime numbers, Salmon came in as the 5th safest place to live in Idaho.

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As Westerns go, the movie was a good adventure story without being great. Perhaps the main attraction was that it was Marilyn Monroe's only real Western in her collection of movies.

We must discount "Ticket To Tomahawk" in which she had a very minor role and "The Misfits," although set in today's West not a legitimate entry in the Western genre.

"River of No Return" is noteworthy on several counts. Besides being Marilyn's only Western, it was also director Otto Preminger's only foray into making a Western.

The producer actually wanted William Wellman, Raoul Walsh or Henry King to direct (all of whom had experience directing Westerns). However, Preminger had a contract with 20th Century Fox and was intrigued by the screenplay and the casting of Monroe opposite Robert Mitchum.

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Salmon Hockey Snack Shack has posted a new update about the progress of the building. Here's the latest from Michelle Tucker:

We have windows, walls and measurements have been taken for the cabinets. We still need help meeting our goal. Please share the news with your friends. The new restrooms and Snack Shack is going up!;

There are two ways that you can help. 

  1. Donate some money!
  2. Pass the donation page along to your friends.

One of the reasons that Gofundme is such a popular place to donate is because it is very easy to share with your friends. Go to the page (yea... make a donation first) and then use the share buttons that are available. You can share it on your Facebook page, you can share it with individual friends. You can also email the link to people you know.

Another good idea is to print out a flyer to post or hand out at your church. We've made one for you! 

Click the PDF link below, print and share! 


Click Here for a PDF file: 
The route of the Sand Ship Discovery - 1966 CJ-5 Jeep
The Discovery crossing the Rio Tuira at Balsal, Darien Gap, Panama
A Guinness Book of Record Jeep Please join the Upton's on Thursday, September 7th at 7:30 p.m. in the Salmon Library for an inspirational slide presentaton of their five year, 56,000 mile world circumnavigating expedition in a 1966 CJ-5 Jeep, christened the Sand Ship Discovery. The presentation chronicles Loren and Patty Upton’s expedition to take one American made vehicle around the world on a north / south course, all on land except for the South Atlantic Ocean, road end to roads end. There was tragedy, corrupt officials, accidents, life-threatening breakdowns, and a Guinness Book of Record entry for the first all land crossing of the Darien Gap of Panama and Colombia by vehicle. Bring the whole family and enjoy a night of high adventure and the true story of how failure is not an option. Donations gladly accepted and light refreshments will be served.

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has issued an Air Quality Advisory and Stage 1 Air Quality Forecast and Caution to notify residents of Lemhi and Custer counties of degraded air quality. Due to wildfire smoke, BURNING RESTRICTIONS ARE IN EFFECT. Air quality is currently in the GOOD category and is forecast to vary from Good to Unhealthy.

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If you havent driven by the rink lately you need to. The new Snack Shack is going up quick. We have had such a tremendous and generous response from the community and local contractors, that the Board and Snack Shack Subcommittee agreed we could build a second story for viewing and warming. 
This addition has added a small cost to the overall construction. While we have fully funded the main floor, we only have enough to finish the 2nd story shell.
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