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In 2015, a seemingly regular family went on a camping trip in the Idaho mountains. Jessica Mitchell and DeOrr Kunz Sr. left their little boy DeOrr Jr. in the care of his grandfather Bob Walton while they went fishing, and when they returned, he was allegedly nowhere to be found. Baby DeOrr was reported missing on July 10, 2015, and no trace of the two-year-old was ever found in the woods. So what happened to the toddler?

To this day, police don't exactly know. They quickly sent trained professionals, police dogs, and helicopters out to survey the area, to see if DeOrr had fallen into the stream and drowned or was dragged away by animals, but they found no evidence on either front. While the good Samaritans of Idaho searched desperately for the little boy, inconsistencies began to arise in the parents' stories.

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Idaho farmland is being gobbled up by the minute to house the swelling population in America’s No. 1 fastest-growing state.

While some rural areas, such as Lemhi County, have programs in place like the Lemhi Trust to preserve farmland, the Treasure Valley does not.

“Where’s the leadership?” said Patricia Nilsson, a panelist at the fifth annual Nampa Ag Forum Feb. 6 at the Ford Idaho Center.  The event was attended by more than 350 people. Nilsson is Canyon County development services director.

“I’m not sure who my leader is,” she said.

Funding is another variable each community needs to figure out. Nilsson recalls a Pennsylvania county she once lived in passed two $50 million bonds to fund conservation efforts.

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In November, producer Seth Ogilvie and I were in Challis for work, when Ogilvie ran into Brandon Hixon in the parking lot of our roadside motel. They exchanged brief looks, then Hixon left without saying a word. We learned from the woman working the front desk that he was on his way to his hometown of Salmon.

Under different circumstances, I imagine Hixon would have been happy to see us. We had a good working relationship, and he was always eager to tell us about upcoming legislation he was working on.

But this chance meeting was different. Hixon had just resigned two weeks prior, as news had broken that he was under investigation for alleged sexual abuse. A month later, he would be arrested for the driving under the influence...

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BEAUMONT – Philip Klein, an area blogger and private investigator, has been hit with a libel and slander suit, brought by the grandfather of DeOrr Kunz Jr. – the Idaho Falls toddler who vanished in July 2015.

Alleging breach of contract, DeOrr Dennis Kunz, along with the father of the boy, DeOrr Vernal Kunz, filed suit against Klein and his company, Klein Investigations and Consulting, on Nov. 1 in an Idaho state court.


Two years ago, Dennis Kunz hired Klein for $20,000 to find his grandson and clear his son, Vernal, of any suspicion.

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With the yuletide season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what food and wines to serve during the holidays.

If you’re going the prime rib route, big reds with bold flavors are definitely the way to go. White wines and light reds pair well with turkey, pork and salmon. As you can see, choices abound this time of year.

Here are some tasting notes and food recommendations for several recently released wines from Idaho’s Snake River Valley that should keep everyone happy at the dinner table — even that wine-snob cousin.

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Authorities identified the man from Salmon, Idaho, who was killed by an airborne elk earlier this week.

Trevor Stenlund died Monday, Oct. 30, in Blackfoot Valley, Montana, after a vehicle hit an elk and sent it flying into his truck, Missoula County Sheriff’s Office says, according to KPAX.

The incident happened at approximately 7:15 p.m. A woman driving a Toyota Scion hit an elk on Highway 200 and sent the animal flying, Montana Highway Patrol says.


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