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Simpson criticized the agency’s budget priorities, particularly the choice to eliminate funding for the rural water technical assistance grants. “It's a tough budget year, so I assume that you reduced lower priority things and funded the higher priority things,” Simpson said. “So it seems like what you’re saying is that [a new EPA building in Las Vegas] and a new public outreach program are more important than the rural water technical assistance. I guess I’m questioning your priorities…
The Wyakin Academy for Wounded Warriors is seeking to hire a Director for Professional Development, Networking, and Career Transition. This position is one of three department level directors within the Wyakin Academy for Wounded Warriors, responsible for preparing severely wounded, injured, and/or ill veterans for successful transition from an academic setting into professionally rewarding careers. See attached for more information on duties, required skills/qualifications, education, experience, and salary.
Idaho businesses are again being solicited by private companies to pay for required labor law posters that the Idaho Department of Labor provides free through the Internet. There have been no changes to existing labor law posters, and any businesses needing the posters can download them free from the Idaho Department of Labor website.
Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson today blasted a Forest Service budget proposal that cut funding for active forest management in favor of funding the fire budget and new land acquisition. U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell testified on the budget in front of the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, which Simpson chairs. The hearing covered a variety of issues, including


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